Get Better Returns From Your Loan Book

With increasing regulatory requirements and the higher costs of customer acquisition it is now more important than ever for lenders to ensure effective management of your debtor portfolio. In many cases, a customer’s outstanding credit becomes too costly and challenging to collect, which is why many lenders pass these cases over to Debt Purchasers.

With, we can manage the entire process for you. All you need to do is provide some information about the debts you wish to sell, and we’ll do all the rest. Don’t worry, you’ll have the final say on who you sell your debt to.

You can use to find a debt purchase company to offer an alternative to simply writing off outstanding customer debts.

Achieve the best purchase price for your debt sale

Reduce your costs and gain an additional ongoing revenue stream

Oversight of sold accounts to ensure compliance remains at the forefront of your business

Achieving True Market Value

Knowing the debt purchase companies that meet your needs, and understanding where they have the appetite and funding to pay the actual value of your portfolios is not easy. With so many UK Debt Purchasers to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start and even more difficult to manage the incoming queries, questions and quotes from buyers who do not make a competitive bid. has an intrinsic understanding of the debt purchase market and will manage the process for you. Ensuring that all of the key players who fit your needs are included in the process, including those who are less well known, is part of the service.

Reduce Your Overheads

We remove the need for you to service aged accounts with annual statements, NOSIA/SNOSIA and credit reporting. You can also refocus your collections teams on what they do best and/or reduce resources, saving you time and money.

Selling your non performing portfolio may also reduce the strain that bad debt provisioning puts on your business.

Allowing your collections staff to focus on the early stage collections and to become specialists at this will provide you with an increasingly happy and engaged workforce. Introducing a Debt Collection Agency to your customer lifecycle gives a real consequence to your customers. This consequence can generate you more engagement from your customers and increase your early collections rates whilst gaining an additional revenue stream for your business.

Compliance First Approach

At we know how important compliance is to your business in a time of ever evolving and tougher regulation. We use our due diligence framework to ensure we only work with Debt Purchasers who can demonstrate that they will treat your customers fairly at all times. We can also work with you to develop bespoke ongoing due diligence on your chosen Debt Purchaser(s) so that you have confidence in your Debt Purchaser’s practises to protect your brand and ensure your complaints remain low.

Every business is unique, we can utilise our relationships with the Debt Purchase market to ensure that the approach is tailored to your business. We can understand your needs and requirements and match you with Debt Purchasers who are best suited. Bringing sellers and buyers closer together than ever before to guarantee a smooth customer journey and increased customer engagement.